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TV and Film Location

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Dentex Charters was hired to provide support this time for some photos and filming at night by a film company called Tantrum for a new McDonald's advertisement.

We were sent a photo of the type boat the Production Company wanted for filming, so I found them the correct one and new locations for their filming at Rochester.


Dentex Charters has been hired on several occasions

by Meridian Television for features about the sea and conservation items for the news.

Mreidian said that they enjoyed the experience because

the boat was spacious and very clean to appear on camera.


Dentex charters was asked to work with Livett's Launches for three weeks.

The Dentex crew were hired to transfer actors, film equipment and stage materials for the making of the film 'Black Sea.' Proving that Dentex is a capable work and transpot boat.

Everything went well with the filming of the trawler called the 'Linda Louise' with Dentex III on standby as a 'safety boat' and the use of the onboard facilities.



Starring in the film is Jude Law and we had the pleasure of taking him to and from Rochester Pier and the Russian submarine located in the Medway River.


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